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Daeng Taiwan
A.obesum. Two selections by John Lucas of Tradewinds South Nursery.
Both are offspring of 'Black Ruby' and have its deep green foliage and large, bright flowers.
Photo: Mark Dimmit
A.obesum. 'Daeng Taiwan' (Taiwan Red) is common in Bangkok nurseries.
'Crown' was obtained from Tony Huang in Taiwan.
The two may be the same cultivar; they look identical when grown side by side.
Photo: Mark Dimmitt
A.obesum 'Bangkok'
A. obesum 'Bangkok', purchased in Somsak's nursery
in that city. The 56 mm (2.25") flowers are more purple
than red; the camera can't seem to render it.
Photo: Mark Dimmit
A.obesum 'Bicolor'
This combination of two colors is new and exciting.
It was found in Sompob's nursery in Bangkok.
The flowers are 76 mm (3") across
and are borne profusely nearly year round.
Photo: Mark Dimmit
A.obesum 'La Hong Thong'
A. obesum 'La Hong Thong' was purchased in Thailand.
The flowers are 78 mm (3") across and very round.
Photo: Mark Dimmit
A.obesum 'Lucky Star'
A. obesum 'Lucky Star' was obtained from Taiwan. The flowers
are very intense, pure red. Flower size is only average at 58 mm
(2.25"), but the plant never seems to stop blooming.
Photo: Mark Dimmit
A.obesum 'Too Beautiful'
A. obesum 'Too Beautiful.' This Taiwan cultivar is shown with
'Crimson Star' for comparison. The huge, nearly circular flowers reach
104 mm (4") across and hold their intense color for a week. The foliage
and flowers have the heavy substance that suggests tetraploidy. This
conjecture is supported by the fact that it is completely sterile with
other adeniums. This may be the same as the Thai cultivar known as
'Daeng Nab Anant.'
Photo: Mark Dimmit
A.obesum 'Purple Tower'
A. obesum(?) 'Purple Tower' from Thailand. The plant is robust
and very tall-growing. It may be A. somalense or a hybrid thereof.
The flowers are more purplish than the camera renders them,
76 mm (3")across.
Photo: Mark Dimmit
Adenium seedlings
A selection of seedlings from Taiwan, where breeding for red
flowers is intense (the color red signifies social status and good luck
in Chinese culture). These are the best of about 300 seedlings flowered
to date. The largest approach 100 mm (4") in diameter.
Photo: Mark Dimmit

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