Adenium boehmianum Schinz

Adenium boehmianum appears to be related to A. swazicum, but occurs on the other side of southern Africa in Namibia and southern Angola. It is an erect shrub with barely succulent stems and only modestly swollen roots. The leaves are the largest in the genus. The flowers are nearly circular in outline and are borne from late summer into early winter.. This species shares with A. swazicum petals of uniform pink with no fading toward the darker throat, and the very short anther appendages. Adenium boehmianum is not popular in cultivation.

A. boehmianum at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. The plant is about six feet tall.
Flowers and foliage of A. boehmianum.
A. boehmianum flowers are nearly circular in outline. This plant has paler than usual flowers.


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