Adenium Arizona (obesum X swazicum Hybrids)

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Photos by Mark Dimmitt unless otherwise noted

Adenium 'Endless Sunset' is a Mark Dimmitt cross of A. obesum 'Red Everbloomer' X A. swazicum 'Perpetual Pink'. It is an erect plant that never stops blooming. This is the original seedling at 24 years of age; it's 9 feet (2.8 m) tall in a 4-foot wide planter.

Flower of Adenium 'Endless Sunset'

The origin of Adenium 'Calypso' is uncertain, but it was introduced by John Lucas' Tradewinds South Nursery (now named Tradewinds Signature Botanicals). The plant is a vigorous shrub with moderately succulent stems and brilliant flowers year round. The pale throat suggests that it is at least a second-generation hybrid.

Flower of Adenium 'Evelyn Marie'

Adenium 'Evelyn Marie' is a Mark Dimmitt cross with the same parents as 'Endless Sunset'. Compared with 'Endless Sunset', it is a more spreading shrub with huge roots. The flowers are very round and deeply colored; everblooming. The plant above is the original seedling at 17 years of age. It is in a 40-inch pot. The compact form is the result of a recent pruning. It's named for the hybridizer's mother.

Adenium 'Asha' is a floppy-stemmed shrub with huge flowers. It was created by Ashish Hansoti and named after his mother. It is an Arizona backcrossed to an A. obesum, hence the pale throat.

Flower of Adenium 'Asha'

This cultivar of unknown name is from Sompob's nursery in Bangkok. Temporary label 'X334'.

This is a Mark Dimmitt cross of 'X334' X A. obseum 'Vigil'. Both parents have white petal bases.

Adenium 'Fire Dance' originated in Taiwan. The deep red flowers are very large.

This plant came from Taiwan; the literal English translation of its Chinese name is "Property". After consulting with a bilingual plant lover, we decided that Adenium 'Success' is a better translation. The flowers are incredibly brilliant, incandescent red. Unfortunately, the plant is very weak, with almost vinelike stems.

Adenium 'X276' is a Mark Dimmitt cross of 'Crimson Star' X A. obesum 'Crown'.

Adenium 'Ember Glow' is a Mark Dimmitt cross of A. obesum 'Incandescent' X A. swazicum 'Boyce Thompson'.

Adenium 'Ember Glow', one-year-old graft on Adenium arabicum.

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