Adenium multiflorum Klotsch

Adenium multiflorum is native to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It has the second largest leaves in the genus. Plants have an obligate winter dormancy. Flowers are borne in profusion during winter when the plants are leafless. The best way to recognize this species is the white flowers with narrow red edge in winter, and the anther appendages that are exserted well beyond the throat with its prominent nectar guides. (Adenium sp. nov. from Tanzania has similarly colored, but considerably smaller flowers and a large caudex.). A. multiflorum is not widely grown. The likely reasons are its slower growth than A. obesum, the need for a cool fall and strong winter light to flower well, and the rather short blooming season.

Left and above: Adenium multifllorum flowers only in winter while leafless. This plant, 'MAD 110', is ten years old.

Flower of A. multiflorum 'MAD 110' Note the exserted anther appendages.

The broad leaves of A. multiflorum. Only those of A. boehmianum are larger.

A. multiflorum with a broad red picotee.

A. multiflorum with a narrow picotee.


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