Shopping in Thailand - a plant-lover's Disneyland

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Photos: Mark Dimmitt

One nursery had a whole bench of seedlings with yellow suffusing onto the petals. Though these are not very showy, a bright yellow is probably within reach.
We encountered two adenium breeders named Preecha. This is typical of the nurseries we saw - several named cultivars which tend to be different at different nurseries, all plants grafted onto stock with nice caudexes.

Preecha had a clone of Adenium somalense with very large flowers and good color.
At Sompob's nursery there were many large specimen plants and many benches of grafted plants of a score of named cultivars not seen elsewhere. Sompob is on the right in the first image. The fellow on the left is Ashish Hansoti, a major adenium grower from Bombay, India.

Views of Somsak's nursery. Most of the purples were found here.

Somsak has some BIG Adenium somalense specimens.

Another big somalense, this one at Tim Aroon nursery near Chon Buri. These big, beautiful pots are very inexpensive in Thailand. At many of the nurseries the plants (and houses) were raised off the ground. Flooding is frequent during the monsoon season.

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