Adenium obesum

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A. obesum 'Grumbley White' (= 'Snowbell' Rowley). This is the first pure white adenium to enter horticulture, introduced by the late Tom Grumbley of Kenya. It was a sensation when it appeared about 1992. Its shape is not the best, but it is extremely floriferous.

A. obesum unidentified Thai cultivar.

A. obesum (Tradewinds clone)

A. obesum 'Taiwan Home Run'. Introduced from Taiwan in 2000, I think this is the finest red adenium on the market. The flower color is stable in hot weather, and plants bloom nearly year-round. This is a flower about 2 days old.

A. obesum 'Taiwan Home Run',week-old flower.

A. obesum 'Soft', a giant (100 mm) Taiwan introduction.
Three above images: This A. obesum cultivar (or perhaps several similar ones) have been sold under several names including 'Daeng Siam' (at Chartre and Somsak's nurseries in Thailand and in Indonesia), 'Chompoo Taiwan', 'Optimize' (by Ko of Skillful Hand Nursery in Taiwan), and 'RedSangPed'. To confuse things more, there is another clone named 'Daeng Siam' that is solid red. Whatever it is, it is the first good bicolor adenium flower. They open red with purple border and age to pink with lavender border. The plant at right is a 3-year-old graft in a 24-inch pot. This cultivar also grows strongly on its own roots.

A. obesum 'Heart of Gold', a Dimmit selection. Yellow throats are becoming more common..

A. obesum with bluish flowers. Don't get excited; this plant makes a flower of this color only about 2 days a year and the rest of the time they're just pink. But it demonstrates that a blue adenium is probably possible.

A. obesum, 3 cultvars with purplish flowers. Of the several purples I've seen, the color is not very stable, most of the plants are floppy, and bloom only a few months a year. The plant shown is unusually sturdy.


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