Adenium obesum

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A. obesum 'Noble Queen' (probably same as 'Noble Concubine'), a Taiwan hybrid. It is an obesum and not A. multiflorum because it flowers year-round and is evergreen. A. obesum with yellowish flowers found in a Thai nursery in 2000. In the years since, further breeding has not significantly intensified the color. A bright yellow adenium is still being sought.

A. obesum 'Vigil', a cross from Jim Georgusis. It is distinguished by the brilliant orangy-red color and the white of the throat extends onto the petal bases.

A. obesum 'Emperor Star' from Taiwan. It is the best of the "waterfall" types in that the plant is strong and flowers are of good shape and color much of the year. This series shows the variation of flower streaking at different seasons.

A. obesum 'Daeng Nabanant' from Thailand. The huge flowers are borne sporadically.

A. obesum 'Daeng Nabanant' from Thailand. It is one of the largest reds, sometimes exceeding 100 mm across.

A. obesum 'Black Pine' from Taiwan. It resembles 'Daeng Nabanant' in its 100+ mm size, but it has a longer blooming season.

A. obesum 'Black Queen' from Taiwan. The flowers are this dark during moderately hot weather.

A. obesum 'Amiability' from Taiwan can exceed 100 mm under the best conditions; usually about 90 mm. The flowers usually have a narrow black edge, and are borne profusely several months a year.

A. obesum 'Crown' was one of the best red cultvars in Taiwan in the 1990s. It has now been replaced by superior ones. It is a sturdy plant (right) that flowers almost year-round.

A. obesum 'Crown'


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